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Please fill out the questionnaire below and attach your pictures by clicking the links or emailing them to (please include your name and phone). One of our surgeons will evaluate your photos and discuss your concerns and desired results with you. You will be informed about recovery time, risks and limitations associated with surgery. Surgical costs will be provided as well.


If you decide that you would like to proceed, payment options will be discussed. This is the best opportunity to explore Financing Options. You can lock in your pricing and schedule your surgery date by making a deposit. 

We can give you information regarding hotel accommodations, Recovery Homes, nurses to help after the surgery, etc., so that everything is settled before you arrive. Please before ask for vacations at work or buying your flight tickets,  reassure we have the date available for your surgery. Below is a list of the closest and most cost effective hotels nearest to our center.

Arriving to Miami

When you arrive for your pre-op visit, we will have paperwork for you to review and fill out. Laboratories and EKG to check your heart will be performed for patients who did not have the opportunity to have them done at their town. Patients over 40 years old performing breast surgery are responsible to bring her mammogram results within a year of the surgery date.Your doctor will perform a through examination and discuss everything in detail with you.

Extended Stay America Hotel Miami - Coral Gables

Address: 3640 SW 22nd St

Miami, FL 33145

Phone:(305) 443-7444

HYATT  Coral Gables

Address:  50 Alhambra Plaza

Coral Gables, FL 33134 

Phone: 1-800-230-4134

Regency Hotel Miami

1000 NW Le Jeune Rd.

Miami, FL 33126

Phone; 305.441.1600

Miami International Airport

2100 NW 42nd Ave

Miami, FL 33126

(305) 876-7000


The time of your surgery will be decided the day before after you have completed your Pre-Operative Appointment. Here's a checklist of all the things that you should keep in mind before and after your surgery:


•Last solid food the day before your surgery by 9:00pm

•No Food/Fluids after 12:00 AM (Midnight).

•If you take medications for high blood pressure, you need to take them at 6:00 AM with a minimum amount of water.

•Family members should stay in the car or outside the building.

•Do not bring any valuable items, we are not responsible for them.

•You need to shave your pubic area.

•No jewelry.

•Do not apply lotion on the skin

•You need to bring and open gown of loose dress to go home after the surgery (no pants) and a pair of slippers.

•If you have a balance, please make sure to call your bank today and let them know you are doing a transaction.

Post-Operative Care

The length of recovery stay in Miami can vary for each procedure and patient. We will let you know the appropriate time needed for your specific procedure. Our office staff will work with your schedule to make your post-op visits as convenient and easy as possible.


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